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Make a Hanging Lamp Shade from Scratch

When Ama from Ohoh Blog had difficulty finding a lampshade she liked for a hanging fixture, she solved the problem by coming up with this fun DIY shade.  I've seen a lot of lampshade makeover projects, but this one is made entirely from scratch!  She covered it with some fun, quirky wrapping paper; since you are making a custom shade, you can cover yours with ...

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SAN FRANCISCO — Acxiom, a leader in technology and marketing services, is making strides in the field of targeted and addressable advertising. Acxiom’s collaborative targeting safe haven environment gives advertisers the opportunity to match up their own customer prospect files with publisher files, in order to maximize return on media buys. In this video interview from the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit, Curtis Barone, Director Advanced Television Advertising at Acxiom, discusses addressable advertising, Acxiom’s services, and the opportunities that third-party data opens up for television advertising. Barone explains that, using Acxiom, brands can discover and target the households that are most likely to be interested in their products or services. Audiences can be targeted based upon a wide variety of criteria—rather than the traditional demographics of age, sex and location, brands can find households based upon income, the type of car they drive, interests and more. "The value of the buy becomes greater," Barone says, "because the advertiser is able to reach the households that they are most interested in, whether it’s their customers or prospects." Megan O’Neill

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The Day after Tomorrow

This guest post is written by Erica Mandell. Anyone who has ever written anything about Israel or Palestine will know that there is no such thing as a single defining moment, at least not one that exists in the absolute....

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This year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade featured the usual gallery of cartoon characters inflated to monstrous sizes bobbing alongside garish floats. But the parade also featured a bit of cultural subversion -- albeit of the family-friendly variety -- in the form of a balloon by the New York street artist KAWS.

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Check out Christian Cavazos' moody short noir "Nuevo Mexico" shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II. The whole film was shot for about $700 using only natural light. Says Cavazos, "The sun positioning was the most important element in our scouting process. We always want the sun to be on the side as kind of a back light. Never in front! This is a personal preference, I just hate the way it looks! Obviously we used some reflectors as fill lights. We found it pretty hard to shoot outside, the sun is always moving and doesn’t care that you need to reshoot a scene, anyway I guess it’s part of the job."

Watch "Nuevo Mexico" below and read more about the shoot here on Lights Film School.

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Nov 26 (Reuters) - Wisconsin Public Service Corp
on Monday sold $300 million of first mortgage bonds, said IFR, a
Thomson Reuters service.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P Morgan, Scotia and Wells
Fargo were the joint active bookrunning managers for the sale.


AMT $300 MLN COUPON 3.671 PCT MATURITY 12/01/2042

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Download an Audiobook to Your iPod for only $7.49

Today, Governor Romney made the beginings of a important contribution to how the presidential campaign season has so far addressed defense policy. Speaking at a Campaign event, he said: "Ever since FDR we've had the capacity to be engaged in...

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MONACO - Tumblr, which has been a non-commerical blog platform, has announced an agency program for brands who want to share their messages in the form of "story telling," explains founder and CEO David Karp in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him at the Monaco Media Forum where he was a speaker. Andy Plesser

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